Thursday, August 11, 2005

Last little bit

Last little bitWell that's it, the last of the rust has been stripped from Lady Jane's back deck.

I know it doesn't look so good at the moment, but this is a vast improvement on how things were.

This last section ended up being rustier than I originally thought, so took quite a bit of time to finish. I also spent some time on parts of the side walls, where practical.

Now all the crusty old rust has been removed from under the paint, I'll be able to clean up the metal with a wire brush attachment on my angle grinder, then give the deck a much needed coat of Rustroy before the rust takes hold again.

Before starting to paint I'll have to deal with the holes I've got on deck.

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  1. You know ordinarily I wouldn't be the least interested in anything to do with boats, fishing, etc. But I find this project strangely fascinating. I hope you keep posting about it until it's finished so we can see the result.

  2. Thanks for the kind comment Kate.

    I find the blog seems motivating for a surprising number of people.

    It was originally a way of keeping friends and family informed of progress, but has blossomed into somewhat more.

    I also find it useful to trawl through from time to time, just to remind me that progress, although slow, is happening.