Friday, August 05, 2005

Holes on deck

Holes on deckIf it's supposed to move and doesn't, use WD40. If it's not supposed to move and does, use duct tape. A quote from The Duct Tape Guys which I firmly endorse.

Surprisingly, it seems the guys have written seven books on the subject. It's a guy thing I know, but then where would we be without the stuff?

Here I've used duct tape to temporarily seal the holes I now have on my rear deck. An unfortunate by-product of rust busting sessions in the last few weeks. What happens is I make holes when cleaning away patches of rust which go right through the steel deck.

I reckon if it's good enough for NASA to use when repairing Discovery recently, it's good enough for Lady Jane.

These holes will need repairing before I can start priming and painting the back deck. That, in turn, will mean taking the ceiling panels out from the galley below so we can cut and weld safely. A pity really, as I'd hoped to keep the galley in a pretty good state of repair.

It seems I'm exposing problems faster than Robin can help me get them fixed, as work on repairing the bulkhead is still ongoing.

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  1. you are a very busy fellow eh? :)

  2. Not so much of the busy, but good at talking about being busy!

  3. Just wanted you to know that I really like the way you write...


  4. Thanks for the encouragement minerva.

    I debated long and hard before starting this blog. I'm pleased I did though.

  5. just passing by and saying hi! thx for coming to visit me... tk


  6. Hi Tim.t's really kind of Deja Vu to read your blog . Don't'll be worth it..we promise. Rick and Karen