Monday, August 08, 2005

Fire Show

Fire showI took a break from working on Lady Jane, and visited the Odiham Fire Show, which is held annually around about this time.

The show featured fire engines from horse drawn cart times right through to the modern, high tech, fire engines of today. Really interesting and well worth a visit for anyone interested in stuff.

When I get the time I'll post more pictures into Flickr.

The picture shows a shack burning furiously while a fire crew prepares to tackle the blaze. To be honest I think the shack had pretty much burnt itself out before any serious water was sprayed on it.

I was told that the proper, local, fire brigade were standing by, just in case.

It was a really great day, probably greatly assisted by our proximity to the beer tent and hog roast.

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UPDATE: ok, more Odiham fire show pictures have been uploaded.

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  1. when i saw the pic... with out even reading the title... my heart skipped a beat seriously... then i read and a big sigh came out... my kitty was looking at me, like what happened? heee! hope you had a good time... the old fashion fire trucks are so beautiful i find... they have a historic sort of look about them... what sort of fires did they put out and how many lives did they saved... how all is connected to a single fire truck... aaah the possibilities... nice... thanks for sharing...

    doesn't beer, men and festivals really go together... heee