Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Some people....

I just can't understand people sometimes.

Some peopleI heard this little inflatable whizzing past Lady Jane the other day, it was not so much the speed, but the fact the tide was well on it's way out and the boat was nowhere near the main channel that caught my attention.

There was nothing I could do, but watch the inevitable. Sure enough, the boat came to a sudden stop in the water as the prop hit the bottom. The people on board quickly lifted the engine and paddled back a bit, before lowering and restarting the engine then setting off back down the river at a very much slower speed.

I really don't know what was on their minds. Had they not looked at their charts? Did they check their tide tables? Did they even have any of these things? At least they had life jackets.

One day, a fair distance out in the Solent, I saw a tiny inflatable loaded up with two adults and two children, none of whom had a life jacket. They seemed completely oblivious to their dangerous situation. I quietly watched them safely back close inshore.

It was a little like watching a baby playing with a loaded gun.

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  1. Some people are just idiots. I also think there should be a boat lisence.

  2. No requirement for either training or a boat licence here. Also, unlike in the US, lifejackets are NOT mandatory.

  3. captain John10:20 PM

    I remember a well respected Marine Officer taking a very dodgy old trawler from Southampton to Fareham, what a fun trip, some people will do anything for cold fish and chips, Hi Tim give me a ring sometime John