Monday, July 25, 2005

New workbench

I knocked up a workbench using my birthday present to myself.

New WorkbenchI had borrowed Robin's old welding set, but could not get it to work so, as it was my birthday last week, I thought I'd get myself a new set. I really did need it.

I plan to use this to stand on, as well as a workbench, instead of the unwieldy scaffolding I've got. Hence the short legs, designed to fit into scaffold tubing cut to the lengths I'll need.

It is really nice to be actually making something for a change. All the workbench needs now is a coat of paint, quick before Robin can inspect my welding too closely.

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  1. happy belated b-day... that is nice of you to give urself a workable gift! hoe your doing good!!


  2. Fred (WWR)1:56 PM

    Wow Tim, you have really made a lot of progress over the last year, especially considering you are doing the majority of it by yourself. Unfortunately, rust is a never ending battle. As always, I look forward to the "Adventures of Tim Zim Shipwright".