Monday, July 18, 2005

A long day

Another day spent cutting back rusty steel from the engine room bulkhead.

You can see A long daysome of the engine room machinery through the hole cut into the engine room, while a tired Robin lies surrounded by smoking bits of metal which were part of the bulkhead.

The picture also gives you some idea of the scale of the problem.

It's not possible to cut one huge piece out, as care needs to be taken because of the machinery immediately behind the bulkhead.

There is still another day's cutting ahead of us, as a section from the starboard fuel tank needs to be cut out, as does the rotten metal down towards the bilge.

The new steel for the bulkhead is on order, so it won't be too long before we start welding new plate into the hole.

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  1. ooohh... he must be tired... he looks it... aren't you guys hot down there? hows the ventilation factor... no fumes?? the damage is extensive for the looks of it... and the work i see needs to go slow for what you say... atleast in the end it will turn all right!!! pretty cool pic... i see your steel toe boots... yah!!!