Monday, July 11, 2005

Fuel tanks pumped

The two forward fuel tanks have now been pumped out.

After some discussion with the folks at my local chandlery, Marine Warehouse, in Fareham, I bought a Whale Gusher for just over forty pounds, less discount which I get for being an all round good chap. I suspect almost everyone gets a discount, for that feel good factor that keeps you going back, anyway they are friendly, helpful folk.

The pump turned out to be truly remarkable which, after mounting onto an off cut to help hold it down, pumped the remaining diesel from the forward tanks into the rear ones no time at all. I've no doubt at all that pump will come in useful again.

Fuel tankThe picture shows the starboard fuel tank, with it's inspection cover off. That hole is easily big enough for me to climb through to work inside the tank. I was draining the dregs from the system back into the tank, to ensure diesel did not get spilt elsewhere, just before taking this picture.

Yes, that whole thing is one fuel tank. That exposed machinery on the left is the main bilge pump, which normally sits behind a guard rail which I've removed to ease access to the tanks and bulkhead.

The next job will be to cleanup the bulkhead, and try to work out exactly what metal is good, and what needs to be cut out and replaced. Then I'll know if I only need to clean out the port tank prior to welding, or if I'll have to do both of them.

I'm hoping it will only be the one tank I'll have to jet wash, but I know, I just know, it will be both of them. I'll stink so bad after being inside those diesel tanks that I doubt Kate will let me in the house for a week.

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