Friday, July 15, 2005


I know I've already posted about cutting into the forward fuel tank, it's just that I got a few good pictures which CuttingI think you should see.

This picture shows Robin cutting from inside what used to be the fish hold.

We are actually using oxy-propane for a variety of reasons, including the fact that it's cheaper, easier to use on rusty metal and we didn't have a suitable oxy-acetylene nozzle. I just think oxy-acetylene sounds tougher somehow.

I would have posed for the picture myself, except that it would have been a little false. Anyway we have far too much to do, so can't waste time messing about.

I'm pleased about the pictures though.

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  1. Very cool picture.

  2. And you SHOULD be pleased about the picture. It's great.

  3. yep the pic is great!!! thanks for the encouragement... me too, hopefully i don't have to go back into surgery.... i hate that, but if food is getting inside my nose well, i think i should worry just a tad, i see Lady Jane is being repaired reminds me of me... heee... i need to get repair too, heee... hopefully all will stay in one piece with her and it won't rust so badly or at all... crossing my fingers on that... i can imagine you have alot more to do... can't wait til you show more of what is going on with Lady Jane!! toodles... hee...