Friday, July 22, 2005

Crew Quarters

It does not seem sensible to do too much in the fish hold without a watertight bulkhead, just in case. This has led to me making a start in stripping out the existing woodwork from what was the crew quarters. There is masses more space than I realised down there.

Crew quarters

The picture shows the crew quarters before I started stripping it out, and progress so far. I'm sorry Kate and Dawn, I know it was cleaned not so long ago, but it had to go!

The place still smelt all musty, and staying on board down there was not too pleasant, so I thought I may as well get going on it. I also wanted to check on the state of the steel where the rear fuel tanks are, just to make sure I don't also have problems with leaky rear fuel tanks.

So far, the metal seems in fine condition, though there is some rust where pipes exit the boat from the toilet, shower and galley. I'm now pretty sure the musty smell is the result of water seeping down through the deck from where water has been collecting in a small section of broken planking on deck. All the chipboard in that area has crumbled away to almost nothing.

Another, different, big problem as the deck planks will need to be lifted, the rusty section cut out and new steel welded in place. The steel will then need to be treated then the wooden decking can go back down.

At least this problem is not as urgent as the leaking fuel tank was. For now, I'll just fill the hole in with concrete to help prevent any further damage.

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