Monday, July 04, 2005

Back deck progress

On Saturday I was motivated to get the whole back deck stripped of paint and rust, ready for wire brushing and priming. Sort of a catch-up after the previous Back deck progressweek's distractions.

I had been going at it with gusto for just over an hour, using my compressed air tool, when one of the old boys from the small marina across from Lady Jane complained about the noise, so I had to stop.

The picture shows the progress I've made, I'd say about 1/5 of the deck has been done so far.

That air hammer is very noisy, I understand that, but you would think a few hours on a Saturday morning would be ok. It's not as if anyone was trying to sleep or anything. Anyway, I have no desire to upset any of my neighbors, so will restrict myself to doing the noisy stuff on weekdays, where possible.

The rib benefited from my not being able to work on the back deck. It now has a new battery and the fuel tank sorted out. After a quick spin down to Portsmouth and back, then testing the voltage, it seems that all is well.

Next will be to fit some switches on the rib's console and install that bilge pump.

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  1. hopefully allthe stripping will get done by the end of the week and by the weekend u can paint pretty cool!! heee... hey just becareful of those gusts of wind that bring in the sand, yah.

    all the best,


  2. Thanks for the encouragement maizzy.