Monday, June 13, 2005

Work preparations

It's the getting started on a job that's often a problem for me. If I can get over the mental hurdle of what's needed to get a job done, and actually start doing it, then I'm usually fine.

Sometimes it's not the job itself that's the problem, but the preparation and subsequent clearing away that's the real task, especially when there is more setting up, or clearing away, than the actual job to be done.
Work preparations
Here you can see the stuff needed to plumb in my new shower unit all laid out, ready to go. I spent far more time getting everything sorted out, ready for the actual plumbing in of the shower unit, than I did on the plumbing itself.

I also got around to raising the water pressure so, during a shower, the water heater no longer cuts out for the time the pressure is too low for the water heater to work and the pump kicks in, raising the pressure again. That period, although brief, felt like forever. Good for the lungs though!

The shower unit works perfectly fine now. The plumbing is temporary though, as the shower room is in dire need of some welding where it has rusted through to the engine room and galley.

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