Thursday, June 16, 2005

Upper back deck

I've started work preparing the back deck, so the rib cradle can be welded on without any problems. Upper back deckUnfortunately it's in a worse state than I had first thought.

Prior to this picture being taken, I had spent an hour or two chipping away at huge flakes of rust which lay beneath a layer of paint which somehow made the deck seem ok. It looks like I'll have to get the power tools out for this one.

The annoying thing about this is, each time I beat on the deck I also get a shower of rust inside the boat - into the galley which I've just cleaned. At least I could temporarily replace the panels covering the wiring on the roof, helping to keep the rust out of the galley until I've finished on the deck.

This means the ceiling panels in the galley will now need to come off, so I can get to the metal plate beyond to stop the rust from the inside.

While I'm very tempted to hide the problem away, I know only too well that doing nothing will only make matters worse.

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