Monday, June 06, 2005

Two survive

Two tiny swan chicksSadly it seems that only two of the baby swans have survived.

The picture shows the two tiny chicks swimming furiously along, trying to keep up with Mildred who is not even trying.

Given there were originally eight eggs, I'm a little surprised at how low the survival rate was.

Hopefully though, George and Mildred can focus all of their attentions on these remaining two and they will make it to adulthood.

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  1. Are they both gray? It's hard for me to tell in the picture. I recall learning when I was a kid that gray vs. white tells the gender of the chicks, but I forget which's which.

  2. I have been through this many times. In our area it is Canadian Geese and Mallard Ducks that lose their babies to snapping turtles in the pond.

  3. Zandperl, they are indeed both grey though I'm not sure you can tell their sex by their colour.

    The swans that live in the canal near home have 7 young, all the same colour. I'm sure they would have a mix of male/female in their brood.

  4. In case you're curious, I attempted to do a little research in Google on cygnet colors, and it was inconclusive, with only two results, and they contradict each other. Links here.