Thursday, June 23, 2005

Rib on deck

The rib is going to stay on Lady Jane in future.

My thinking is that now it's summer, and with the glorious weather we are having, it would be good to have the rib right Rib on deckthere by the sea, so we can go play anytime we want without the hassle of towing, launching and recovery.

For now, until the cradle and hoist have been installed on Lady Jane's back deck, I'll keep the rib on the front deck, out of the water.

The photo shows my dad helping me to lift the rib onto Lady Jane. Mom watches from a safe distance, standing in the shade where it's much cooler.

Thanks for the picture Kate.

Reading the title of this blog puts me in mind to barbecue ribs on deck next time we are down there, it seems really fitting somehow. We'll put the rib in the water, well out of the way of course.

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