Friday, June 10, 2005

Rib (HBI) stowage

Plans are afoot to stow the rib (Also known as a HBI (Hard bottomed Inflatable) in the US) on Lady Jane's back deck. We will, of course, have to measure everything to make sure it's going to fit before doing too much.

Rib stowageRight now, the plan is to build a gantry on Lady Jane's stern, with a lifting boom and winch attached to that. This will allow the rib to be launched and recovered to either side of the boat. Admittedly, because it will be raised and lowered right at the back of Lady Jane, it may be a little hard to get on and off the rib, but it's the best plan I've been able to come up with so far.

We will build a cradle to stow the rib lengthwise on the back deck, where you see that rope laid out, with the engine pointing towards the front. That way I can easily get to the engine if I need to work on it, and should still have room to get round to the stern to operate the lifting boom.

It will be a pleasure to have the rib out of the driveway and to finally have all the boats, and boat stuff, in the same place.

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