Thursday, June 30, 2005

Painting stopped

I made a start on giving the inside of the port side bulwarks their first coat of paint, using up the last of the paint from touching up in the shower room earlier in the day.

The wind was getting up, and I've already discovered that it's not a good idea to paint when it's windy, so I opted to continue work on rust busting on the rear deck.

I had been quite focused on the task, and had simply not made the Painting stoppedconnection between the wet paint below and the flakes of paint and rust being blown around until it was time to stop.

The picture shows the mess the debris made on my paintwork from above. Click on the picture for a larger view if you want.

At least no real harm was done and it's another lesson learnt: Wet paint is sticky for quite some time, so no messy work should be done anywhere nearby, especially if it's windy.

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1 comment:

  1. i guess ur gonna need to paint it again... but will u have to tke off the one that u had as if there is stuff then there will be debris... that is going to be a really be alot of work... hope ya get some help!!