Tuesday, June 14, 2005

My 100'th blog entry

By my count, this is my 100'th proper blog entry, so I would like to do something a little different today. Sorry, but it ended up a little longer than planned.

I keep track of the number of visitors to my blog which, at present, stands at an average of 47 visitors per day, or 7,765 visits this year. As a by-product of this informationThumbs up for blogging I also get an idea of the regular visitors, thanks for stopping by and for the comments. I also get to see the links people have followed to get to my site.

This blog was started as a means of keeping friends, and family, all over the world updated on mine and Lady Jane's progress. It seems that along the way I have attracted the attention of other people who, for one reason or another, have linked to my blog either as part of their commentary, or as a permanent link.

Today, I'll link back to those sites which have been generating traffic to my site. If, by mistake, I have missed anyone, please just let me know and I'll include you. I make no apology for other people's content. The links are posted in no particular order.

The most memorable site has to be the J-Walk blog, which I read regularly, which caused a wave of over 1200 visitors in three days. This is an exceptional site for commentary and links to on all sorts of topics across the Internet.

I occasionally get visitors from The lost legionary who maintains an interesting blog and has linked to my site.

The Cynical-C blog describes my blog as follows: "Tim Zim bought a boat on a whim and is blogging about his restoration project. This is one of the more interesting blogs I have seen. There is something about his enthusiasm in this project that is infectious.", which I thought was nice.

The Galoot blog - Terrible, terrible things describes my blog as "This is a fascinating blog. Utterly insane, but fascinating.", I'm sort of pleased about the utterly insane bit, you know, not publicly though.

The Complimenting Commenter dropped in to compliment me, which I thought was an unusual, but very pleasant, approach to things. A refreshing change to some of the jaded, stereotypical blog sites which seem to abound.

Heylucy has me down as one of her April inspirations. I'm pleased to be inspirational to people, but find it strange a tough old trawler blog would make it onto a needlework site. I'm struggling to think of anything I'd want knitted for Lady Jane in the immediate future. Maybe a big jumper for winter?

I've made it onto Alisa's blogroll, though I'm not sure why. Alisa lives in Arizona, United States. She plays the piano, guitar, and the kazoo. She is active in competitive swimming, and is training to be a lifeguard. Her Boston Terrier, Annie, is paranoid, old, fat, and loves food. Alisa's favorite food is Italian.

One of my favorite links has to be Random thoughts who writes " have been following a blog by Tim Zim from the UK who bought a boat, a huge ocean-going fishing boat, that he has been refitting to eventually take to sea. Being land locked in the middle of the frozen corn fields as I am, he has tappped into one of my fantasys that I can now live vicariously through Tim." Robert does not post too often, so I feel kind of privileged here.

We cannot forget The wetass chronicles, another blog that I read regularly. Tim Zimmerman provides some amusing commentary on current seagoing, and other action, activities.

Oddly enough I get visits from the Nordic countries through Eclectic Energy's newsletter, which features my install of one of their wind powered generators.

Finally in the links section, I regularly get visitors from grow-a-brain. It is an excellent boating resource with links to some amusing and interesting stories. Check out Bumfuzzle for example, a story I can really identify with.

Some other sites worthy of mention, which are not linked are listed below:

I occasionally drop into Whole Wheat Radio to listen and chat with the regulars there.

No listing of sites by me would be complete without including Tonia's website. Tonia, a friend through WWR, painted me an excellent picture for Kate's birthday earlier in the year.

I'm including a link to The Wanderbird as this gives you an idea of how good Lady Jane could be. I'll probably not go down the sails route though.

Finally, a link to Wayne Webber's site broke boats. Wayne has sent a few e-mails offering much welcome help and advice for my inflatable and rib. His website contains a wealth of helpful information.


  1. Congratulations on your 100th post, and on your progress on the Lady Jane. I drop in now and again and very much enjoy the reading, but then I get flash-backs from my Sea Scout days (which were all about scraping rust and painting) and have to retire to my fainting couch for a month or more.

  2. True, you do no needlework, but I like renovation projects, and Lady Jane is much more interesting than my current home renovations, which include painting a previously blue room green and repeatedly fixing the ancient faucet on my bathtub. Plus, I like Molly the wonderdog :o)

  3. I know that galoot blog, although i came here though blogexplosion, I could also ended up here through his blog, which i foundthrough the worth1000.com website. Theinternet is a small place afterall :)