Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Fleet Review

Fleet review

Kate and I took the rib out to help the Queen review the fleet. This is part of the celebration that is Trafalgar200, marking 200 years since the British won against the superior French and Spanish fleets at the Battle of Trafalgar.

The warships you can see ranged in the Eastern Solent were just a small part of what was a truly amazing spectacle, other writers, far more knowledgeable about this stuff than me, are best left to describe the proceedings. All I can say is that it's such a thrill to actually be there, seeing boring old school history lessons come so alive.

Anyway, we learned some more valuable lessons on the rib, including the need to be thinking ahead all the time. For example, when coming in to moor up, or to anchor, to have all the ropes prepared in advance. When we are not using ropes, they should be safely stowed, how do they find that prop? Also, we both need to have all our waterproofs on board whenever we go to sea.

We finished the day tired, very wet and cold, but extremely happy

More pictures on Flickr here and here

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  1. Nice picture of the fleet~

    Britain is always proud of her navy for centuries, right?

  2. Thanks Q.

    Yes Britain is very proud of her naval history, rightly so I believe.