Thursday, June 02, 2005


ElectricsWe've had a spell of miserable weather, so I get to continue on indoor projects.

I'm trying to finish off work in the heads (toilet), which includes getting the light working. This in turn means getting started on the boat's electrics, a task so far studiously avoided.

It seems I need to replace a switch which has it's insides missing and convert the toilet light system from 110 volts to 24 volts.

24 volts is preferable as it's safer and always available from the batteries, whereas the 110 volt system only works when either the main or donkey engine is running.

Hmm, all I need to do is work out which wires go where, then switch the 110 volt wires onto a spare 24 volt switch and find a 24 volt bulb that will fit. It should be straightforward, right?

The wiring is like spaghetti in there, not that I'd want to eat it though.

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