Friday, May 13, 2005

The Wanderbird

Lady Jane has big potential, I've always known that. Sometimes though, I must admit, I struggle to visualise the end product. How the cabins would be laid out, how things would look and so on.

The WanderbirdThe other day I came across the Wanderbird on the internet. I was immediately struck by the similarity to Lady Jane, except of course Lady Jane has no sails. As well as looking more or less the same, they were both built in the same year, both are about the same length and even have similar engines.

The conversion of the Wanderbird looks like a fantastic job, especially the work that has been put into the various cabins. This serves as a huge inspiration to me, knowing that what I'm doing with Lady Jane is, after all, feasible. Not that I've ever doubted, of course.

I'm thinking that maybe Kate and I should sign up for one of their 6 day trips in August? The more I think about it, the more I like the idea.

UPDATE: I had a response to an e-mail I sent Rick and Karen, they write:

Hi Tim. HOW EXCITING! Lady Jane is beautiful! We would love to start a dialogue with you and Kate. We have done this project mostly on our own over the last three years with two more years projected.. Karen and I have put our complete hearts and souls and ALL of our time into this project........and we wouldn't have had it any other way. We would be pleased to be a sounding board for your questions and ideas if you would like. We are so pleased to see what you are doing with Lady Jane. Our vessels appear to be very similar. As I look at some of your photos, (fish hold), I clearly remember being in the EXACT same position. We were in London in February at Earl's Court where we exhibited at the Destinations Travel Show. Looking forward to talking more about your fantastic vessel, Lady Jane!

Kind Regards,
Capts. Rick and Karen Miles
Expedition Vessel Wanderbird.


  1. Hello Tim!

    I found a link to your blog on flickr, and MY WORD haven't you got one hell of an exciting project on your hands!
    I am envious that you get to tinker with her - I am a Mechanical Engineer by trade, although I junior one at the age of 25 (you forget more and more each year away from university, but apparently there's this thing called experience which counts more) and having hailed from the Isle of Wight before making the move to New York I acquired a taste for all things nautical...and I know Fleet a little.

    All the best of British with the refurbishment, and I'll link to you, keeping tabs on how things are going, keen to chip in with commentary as things go along. Also, if you need a hand with anything, just from a professional perspective, I'd be glad to look over any technical stuff for you. The joy of a project like this is in the participation and the fulfillment it brings, so anything I can contribute is, of course, on the house, as it were.

    Good luck!

  2. Fred (wwr)3:33 AM

    Wow Tim, the use of sails looks like a great way to save on fuel cost. Have you considered adding that to your LOOOOONG list of Things-To-Do?

    The paint really makes Lady Jane start to look nice.

  3. Hi Fred, thanks for that.

    I think sails are a wonderful idea, but maybe a bit ambitious for me at this stage.

  4. Wow, the Wanderbird is AWESOME.