Monday, May 16, 2005

The toilet flushes

Cutting metalAt last, I've got a flushing toilet on board Lady Jane.

Now I've not really minded having to get a bucket of seawater every time I've needed to flush the loo, but apparently some people don't really enjoy this particular chore.

The picture shows me in the heads, cutting away the last of the previous, and long defunct, flushing system which relied on seawater pumped by the main engine.

While the toilet flushes, I've still to complete the plumbing job, as I was mising a vital 90 degree bend for the water feed to the cistern. Hopefully this won't be to much of a task.

I am, however, now very aware of just how much water a flush consumes.


  1. Hey finally .."The Royal Flush"! We remember that great day when our old faithful five gallon pail was finally retired to another on deck duty..(no pun intended) all the best Rick and Karen...Wanderbird
    ps We've had reat success with the six composting toiulets that we installed in the guest cabins. No smell and better holding tanks.

  2. Hi Rick and Karen, Composting toilets certainly sound like the way to go, I'll need to investigate further.