Thursday, May 26, 2005

Port side prep

Some days are just not as productive as others. This last visit to Lady Jane was just such a day, as I was not feeling too motivated when I got to the boat (I was even contemplating an afternoon nap at one point).

Port side prepAlthough there is more to do, at least I've got the worst of the rust scraped off of the port side.

Working on the port side is not nearly as pleasant as the starbord side, simply because the only thing to see is the back wall of the agregate yard.

I had a welcome distraction in the afternoon, in the form of a young lass who came down to survey the yard then, when she was finished, stopped by Lady Jane for a cup of tea.


  1. Ye gads! I've taken a look back through some of your journey on whipping that old hulk back into shape, and as a retired paint contractor who eventually learned to avoid doing metal rails or exterior decks of any sort, I must doff my painter's cap to you for your more-than-insane courage.

    I don't recall reading what your intent might be, once the thing is restored, but I can surely see the potential for one heck of a nice "houseboat", among other imaginative ideas.

  2. Hi Harry

    The painting is coming along slowly, but well I think. It is rewarding seeing the results.

    The plan is to convert Lady Jane to be our house by the sea. Having a boat means we get to select both the neighborhood we live in and our neighbors.

    When we get tired of either, or both, we'll just move on.