Friday, May 06, 2005

I can weld

I can make all the flashes and do the buzzing noise thing, but my welding ability is still at the 'entry' level shall we say, so when I say I can weld, I mean I now have the facility to weld.

I'm pleased to say that this marks the completion of another project. The alternator, which I bought before Christmas and, with Robin's help, we started to install in late January, is officially declared installed. Now there's the little matter of wiring to deal with...

I can weldAt last though, Lady Jane is capable of producing enough power to operate heavy duty electrical equipment such as a welder. This is a major step for me, and the culmination of something that effectively started in September last year, when I first met Robin.

The idea was Robin would come aboard Lady Jane, while she was still moored in the middle of the River Itchen, and do some much needed welding. As it turned out it was impractical to weld on board Lady Jane, simply because I did not have a powerful enough generator. Getting heavy equipment on board was just not possible at that stage, as I did not have either the rib or the lifting gear.

Now I need to buy all the welding gear, similar to that you can see in the picture, so I can crack on and hone my welding skills on various projects. The plate you can see in the picture shows my first attempt at welding in years and years.

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