Tuesday, May 31, 2005

A curious problem

I had myself a curious problem when I came to disembark from Lady Jane the other day.

Lady Jane - Port sideThe wind had been blowing pretty strongly from the west, at about 27 volts, pretty much all day. A west wind has the effect of blowing Lady Jane away from the shoreline.

The lines are not kept tight, because Lady Jane rises and falls against the quay side with the tide. If the lines were kept tight, they would just snap as the tide went out. So far this has not been a problem, as I would just haul on one of the ropes and she would drift back to the quay's edge. Not this time, the wind was far too strong!

No problem I thought, I'll just get some planking to bridge the gap. Unfortunately the planks were too short, same thing with the ladder I have on board. Hmm..

In the end, I took my courage in both hands and jumped the gap.

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  1. you are so lucky to have done that... i praise you... wow!!

  2. Thanks for the comment maizzy.