Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The bulkheads are painted

Both the forward and stern bulkheads have been painted and I'm amazed at the difference this makes.

Forward bulkhead

The picture shows the startling change during the painting of the forward bulkhead.

One of the things that most surprises me is that as I paint, the things that didn't look so bad are starting to look awful. For example, look at how much the roof stands out in the after picture. Painting the Forth Bridge comes to mind.

Now all I have left to do is remove the rust then prime and paint the port side. Once that is done, and the whole lot has had a second coat I'll go back to dealing with the hull. I've seen a few spots which would benefit from more rust treatment before I do that second coat though.

I've promised myself I'll not take Lady Jane out again until she has been painted, and is looking good.

By the way, it looks like the swans have kicked one of their eggs out of the nest. We are now down to seven swans eggs.


  1. Hi Tim and Kate. The bulkheads look GREAT! We found that such "instant gratification" jobs were wonderful moral boosters for us and we made sure that we had one or two for each of the hundred or so not so glamorous projects. We think of you guys each day now even as we prepare for another charter season. Early on, we actually got some cheap housepaint, a raft and rollers and painted the entire hull black. This was a great inspiration for us even though we realized that we would have to remove the paint and prepare the hull properly at a future date..(two years later!) It was totally worth the half days effort! Rick and Karen

  2. Hi Rick and Karen.

    Thanks for the comment.

    Kate and I are thinking of booking a cruise with you guys late in July or sometime in August.

    I'm thinking that way we get to meet you guys, see what you have achieved with wanderbird, swap notes and also have a great vacation.

    Do you have spaces and which would be the best one for us to go on?

  3. Hey Tim and Kate. Karen and I agree that meeting and spending some time aboard the Wanderbird with you two would be wonderful for all of us. We would be pleased to share our ideas and inspirations, especially on such a similar project. The following departure dates have at least one cabin remaining at this time; 7/25, 8/8, 8/22, and 8/29. The August 29th cruise is a photography cruise and you may read about it at www.sojournsinnature.com . We bought a 2600 psi pressure washer with a rotary nozzle that has really helped with the removal of old paint and rust....wish we had gotten it sooner as it has really made alot of the tedious scraping jobs go along much more quickly..and enjoyably. R&K