Thursday, April 21, 2005

Swan's eggs

I'm pleased to say the muddy swans, George and Mildred are fine.

When I arrived at the boat, George was floating in the water near Mildred who was asleep on the nest.

Later in the day, George was asleep on the platform, near the nest. As the tide started to go out, George swam by as I was working away on the hull.

Much later in the day, with the tide on it's way back in I heard Mildred squelching through the mud right by me as I stood on the platform by the boat. I wish my camera was nearby, as it would have been a great picture.

Swans eggsI could not resist, but go and take a peek inside her nest - the nest is easily visible from the quay edge, which is where I took the photo from. It looks like we are due for five baby swans - cygnets I believe they are called.

I'm still amazed at the state of the nest. I wonder if I'll be doing the swans a favor for next year if I clean the platform up once they are finished with the nest this year?


  1. Ha ha, they probably spent years getting just the right "boho" look and some neat freak comes along and cleans it up!

    It looks quite comfy in the shot from the water, but close up it looks anything but - what's that orange bit in the middle?

  2. Hocadilly, the orange you can see is a bit of canvas, or plastic sheeting.

    You can see it better in the picture I just loaded into Flicker through this link: Swan's nest

  3. I forgot to mention, those eggs are much bigger than I thought they would be.