Thursday, April 14, 2005

A rant

Unsurprisingly, there is no boat progress to report, so I think I'll have a rant instead.

I've been travelling on our roads and motorways a fair amount recently, and just cant help getting annoyed with the selfishness displayed by so many people, male and female alike.

For example; It's not difficult, let people who want to pass into the lane, let them pass the car(s) in front and they will pull back over. Some drivers are just plain dopey I know, but I suspect the majority of people who 'hog' the middle or fast lanes do so because they know they will not get let in by those selfish people who seem to think they are so important that slower, or lesser, cars should not be in their way. I bet those self same selfish people have a bit of a double standard, as they probably hate not being let in themselves.

This selfish attitude is endemic in our western society, fostered, I believe, by organizations such as McDonalds, where people are not encouraged to form orderly lines (queues in the UK) for their meals, but to scramble for the nearest available server, regardless of how long other folk have been waiting. I really hate it when someone gets served immediately and I've been waiting forever. McDonalds is very much a company which caters for children, therefore youngsters are armed with this kind of 'me at the expense of others' mentality right from the beginning.

I'm not lovin' the kind of example McDonalds, and of course others, set.

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