Friday, April 01, 2005

Don't forget the rib

Me in the ribWayne from Broke Boats sent me an e-mail recently to remind me "not to neglect the rib in the midst of your other projects". If you are into boats in any way it's worth checking out Wayne's website, as it is loaded with useful information and he seems happy to help if you can't find the answers to your questions on his web pages.

Wayne also went on to advise me on a few key items he recommends should be checked out on the engine. It's a long e-mail, completely unsolicited, and filled with useful advice. I've copied a short section here just to show the type of thing Wayne sent.

I always check overheat alarm systems on every outboard that comes in whether they request it or not. It only takes a moment and I don't charge for it. The other un-requested check I always make is condition and level of lower unit gear lube. I feel it's two important prevention measures in predicting and preventing major problems. Overheat sensor is the unit on cylinder head with tan wire going to it. When wire is grounded (with switch in on position) the overheat buzzer should sound.

You should change the lower unit lube twice a year since lube is cheaper than gearsets. I have directions and pictures for that here: You can buy the lube right at Walmart or a NAPA auto parts store, you want the Hi-Vis lube...not the electric shift Type-C lube. Buy 3 -10 ounce tubes and you'll have a few ounces left when you're done. It's nothing special, just 80-90 weight gear lube but it MUST have low foam characteristics so it's best to buy one marked for outboards to start with.

Thanks for the reminder and the advice Wayne, it really is appreciated.

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