Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Deck projects

For those of you who read this blog regularly, you may have noticed I've not had too much to say about progress on boat projects recently, but plenty to say about all Deck projectssorts of other stuff.

The reality is that I'm progressing slowly, but steadily, with the painting the hull project. The problem is there is only so much I can say about it without being repetitive or dull.

By way of a change, for myself as much as anything, I switched back to deck projects for a bit. I've continued work on cleaning up the deck. The picture shows the remnants of some deck fittings which are now cut and ground flush with the rest of the deck.

When I'm finished with the cleaning up of the deck, it will be a safer place for the various 'tourists' I get on board from time to time.


  1. I really enjoy reading your blog! Thank you very much for keeping it up. I don't know if you know how inspirational your blog is for people. ^^ I wish I could come to England and give you a hand.

  2. Thanks Ramsey, your feedback is very much appreciated.

  3. And by "I wish I could come to England and give you a hand" I mean that I wish I could come to England, stand on the dock next to your boat and clap at you. ^^