Friday, April 15, 2005

Another rant

At last, I should get down to the boat tomorrow.

Thank goodness for that as I've been running out of material, having to stoop to posting rants.

On the subject of rants, I didn't mention using mobile phones in the car - while speeding. From the number of people I see driving around with mobile phones to their ears, it looks like the fines introduced for drivers using mobile phones have proved useless.

I was once on the phone with someone who was using a mobile phone in their car, P you know who you are, when they crashed into the back of another car. It's hard to know what to say to someone in such a situation. P phoned me, but I still felt guilty that P crashed. No injuries though, I'm pleased to say.

What I just don't get is why so many people here in the UK are so anti the speed cameras which now litter our roadsides. If speeding was not such a problem there would be no need for the cameras. It's not the camera's fault, or anyone else's for that matter, that people get caught speeding, they just have themselves to blame.

It seems pretty simple to me, if people don't want a fine and points on their licence, they should not speed. It is, after all, the law.

Ok, so speed cameras don't look so good, but I can say from experience that being caught, and fined, a few times helped modify my speeding habit pretty quickly. Especially after the last big fine. Rather that than I hurt or even kill someone I suppose.

For you folks outside the UK, some fines here can be 'means tested', meaning that a fine can be racked up, or down, dependant on your earnings. The idea is to ensure that better off people hurt just as much as everybody else when they get fined for an offence.


  1. karen4:37 PM

    Well Tim if I didn't know you better anyone would think you are suffering from Post Natal Depression - is that what they call it when you have just taken on a small, new, member of the household, or is it that you are just getting old!!!! Maybe its plain withdrawal sypmtoms from not being near the boat for a while. All that ranting!!

    Puppy is just gorgeous.


  2. Tim, I'm with you on the speed cameras. There's the same public outcry going on here in Australia, with accusations that speed cams are merely a revenue-raising device.

    And when a group of motorists formed a class action to fight their speeding fines, arguing that there should have been a notice warning them to slow down for the speed camera, they won, and the law has now been amended so that every camera has to announce its presence with large signs.