Thursday, March 24, 2005

Working platform

The painting the hull project continues. It's definitely harder work than I first thought.

The next step will be to drag a working platform round from the other side of the yard. As I said, there is one right by Lady Jane but George and Mildrid have first dibs on it, Working platformalthough I've not seen evidence of them using it the last time I was there. Maybe they don't like being so close to Lady Jane.

As you can see from the picture it's quite big and cumbersome, but will be very sturdy to work from. I think that with a scaffold structure built onto the platform, I should be able to reach and paint pretty much all of Lady Jane from it, some ballast in the bow would also help.

So far the tides have not been co-operating, as it will need a high tide to float it off from where it is now. I plan to inflate and launch Baby Jane to help drag the platform around, else I'll be there forever.

Problem is, once I've got Baby Jane in the water I'll want to set off and explore a bit.

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