Friday, March 11, 2005

The wind generator project

One project which is very close to completion, but still not there yet, is the wind turbine project.

A combination of weather and timing has made this particular project a little harder to crack than I first thought it would be when I got the generator.

Wind generator electric panelFinally though, everything is in place - except the generator itself. I've even got a temporary gantry set up, to safely hoist the generator into position.

The picture shows the panel holding the electrics relating to the wind generator and batteries. The silver box is my 240v invertor, which will run the fridge and freezer and any other appliances which will need to be permanently left on. There is also space for a second invertor which will handle any other low power mains requirements.

Hopefully this weekend will see this project completed and my precious batteries kept fully charged by wind power in the future.

One thing I'm not sure of is how the generator will cope with the effect of the tide which constantly changes the angle of Lady Jane's mast from the vertical as she floats and then settles back down into the mud again at low tide.

Who would have thought that a wind turbine would be the catalyst for me getting ballast in the bow, so as to trim the boat out properly, thus minimizing the effect of the tide. I was only intending to worry about that before I next took her out to sea.

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