Friday, March 04, 2005

Travel plans

The second part of the plan for Lady Jane is where we will take her, after all Lady Jane, although a little old, is tough, as she was built to fish in the harsh conditions up in the North Sea. This potentially gives us the freedom to take Lady Jane just about anywhere, except landlocked places of course.

The current plan is to start by taking Lady Jane on short journeys, say to places like Weymouth for a long weekend, then build up our skill and confidence with progressively longer voyages to places like Jersey. As things come together we can then be more adventurous, maybe taking her home to Zebrugge or on trips to western France.

Best view in FarehamIn the longer term, my ideal would be to do relatively short trips with long stays at locations that take our fancy, slowly working our way round to a particular goal, rather than setting off on a round the world type mission. I envision friends and relatives flying out to join us at choice locations, and us flying home periodically, maybe for a break, or even to work for a while.

The picture shows the view we have of Fareham from Lady Jane. Fareham is, in some ways I suppose, our first long stay location.

Kate and I have good friends who have a place in Tenerife, which sounds like a tempting first major objective. Tour Western France, hang out in Portugal for a while, on to Gibraltar then down the Moroccan coast, stopping off at Casablanca, nip across to the Canary islands, then finally Tenerife itself, a journey of anywhere between 2,500 nautical miles and 1500 nautical miles, depending on the route we take.

Places I'd really like to take Lady Jane include the Antarctic and Alaska for the stunning scenery and wildlife and the Mediterranean and Caribbean for the warmth and lifestyle. This all seems such a long way off at the moment though.


  1. Anonymous11:11 PM

    Riddle of the Sands, If she doesnt draw too much.

  2. Hail to Lady Jane and Captain Tim.
    Following progress, and am just fascinated.