Wednesday, March 23, 2005


I've always been fascinated by the tides, more so now that I have Lady Jane than ever before. Maybe this fascination is because I'm originally from Zimbabwe, a landlocked country.

For me, the only significance of tides has previously been how far it was to walk to the waters edge when swimming at the sea side, and not much else. More recently, with the diving, the tides have affected times when we could dive. Ideally we would dive on a wreck with a low, slack tide, or on a drift dive with the tides running, but it has always been someone else who worried about all that stuff.

TidesThe tides certainly have much more significance for me now. At Fareham, as you can see from the picture, when the tide goes out - it really goes out. You can see how the boats at the little marina next to Lady Jane are all left sitting high and dry for a good few hours each time the tide goes out, roughly twice a day.

The tidal range, which is the difference between the water's depth at high and low tide, in Fareham is up to 5 metres (15 ft). The tidal range changes constantly from just a few metres (6 feet) up to five metres, depending on the phase of the moon.

Interestingly enough, according to the tide tables I got in Jersey, the tidal range there is up to 11 metres (33 feet). Some range!

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