Thursday, March 03, 2005


This blog entry is unashamedly about rigging, so Karen if you are reading this you may as well stop right now!

When I first bought Lady Jane, about eight months ago now, the previous owner mentioned vaguely that 'the boom could be rigged for lifting'. At the time I, for the life of me, could not work out how to do it. The lifting boom is the boom you see standing out horizontally in the picture, supported by ropes and with a load suspended under it. Thanks for the bags Tony.

RiggingIt took a trip to Oostende, Belgium to see Amadine, a restored fishing trawler very similar to Lady Jane, for me to finally work it all out. It has taken a while to measure everything up and find a supplier who can provide the right pulleys and ropes so as to ensure that everything will be safe for the loads I will be lifting. Thanks to the folks at Hamble Ropes and Rigging for the help and advice.

This rigging discussion has been going on for some time now, some of it in my local pub, which explains Karen's rigging comments. Kate, it has to be said, is not too enthusiastic about hearing any more about rigging either.

I'm sure the boat people reading this would wonder what all the fuss is, but the ability to lift things on and off Lady Jane has, understandably, been a major issue for me.

I'm not trying to justify anything here, but I can now lift pretty much anything on and off Lady Jane. This includes being able to hoist Molly, the dog, on board and, using a chain block, launch and recover the rib. Without the new lifting gear I could never have cleared the rubble we left on deck.

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