Wednesday, March 30, 2005

The platform is in place

The working platform is now in place, and is already making the painting the hull project much easier. The picture shows me standing on the platform, just after I moved it alongside Lady Jane.

Working PlatformIt is much bigger than I first thought and is comprised of massive timbers bound together. Measuring 2.3 metres by 8 metres (7ft by 24 ft), the whole thing must weigh a good couple of tonnes, as even with two people standing right on the edge it does not tilt. Perfect for the job in hand.

I'm quite proud of the pulley arrangement I have set up, which allows the platform to settle alongside Lady Jane as the tide goes out while keeping it snug alongside when the tide is in.

One unexpected problem with the platform was that it skids away from the side of Lady Jane, down the side of the pile of mud squished up from when she settles. I'm hoping this will eventually stop as the mud pile, which was not that big, gets worn away by the platform, so I can get to the hull below the waterline.

Next I will need to get hold of some scaffolding to go onto the platform, so I can reach up to the top of the bow section, provided, of course, the muddy swans are not on their nest.

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