Friday, March 18, 2005

Paint that hull

I've started work on painting Lady Jane's hull.

Last week I had a marine engineer on board, for general advice and an initial discussion on how best to approach the extensions I'm planning for Lady Jane. One main thing that came out of it was a changed painting priority. I was thinking of painting her from the top down. The engineer pointed out that the hull is far more important, and that the worst bits should be dealt with first.

Paint that hullIf you look at the picture carefully, you can see a darker patch where I've made a start, right in the middle of the rusty bit, at the top. I know it's only a small bit, but things will pick up as I get into the rhythm of it and I'm through the worst of the rusty stuff.

The process I've adopted to prepare the surface for painting is to knock away the worst of the rust with a small, sharp, chipping hammer, then work on the tougher tuff with an air powered scaler, followed by rubbing down to as smooth a finish as possible with a wire brush attachment on an angle grinder. Quite tough, physical work.

Once the surface is prepared I'm using Rustroy for rust treatment and as a primer. The dark patch you see in the picture is the Rustroy, which goes a dark purple once it has been applied as it reacts with the rust to form an iron-tannate compound.

Finally I'll paint Lady Jane with two coats of white paint. I would prefer a blue hull but she will be white, simply because I have over 150 liters (30 gallons) of white paint on board.

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