Thursday, March 31, 2005

The hull will be blue

Progress is slowI've thought about it a lot, and have finally decided to paint the hull blue after all. A slightly deeper blue than the blue you can see on Lady Jane at present.

A blue hull with a white superstructure will look really good. Kate is also keen that we paint her hull blue, so that's an easy decision to make really.

I know I'll have to buy more paint but, on reflection I also get the benefit of up to date technical advice from marine paint companies. I'm learning that marine paint is a little more involved than household emulsion. I also realise that if I get this paint job all wrong it could be very expensive, so a little time spent on checking up is going to be time well spent.

I have started research into paints and primers and have come across Hempel, through a booklet we picked up in Jersey. The folks there have been very helpful so far.

The journey continues.


  1. I came across your blog again, through the link, you have put in my blog. Nice to see your blog again. I have book-marked it.

  2. Hi Tim,

    I'm a land-locked gal, here in Chicago in the US, but I LOVE your blog. I can't remember how I ran across it, Blog Explosion, maybe?

    Anyway, thank you for such good reading. I love projects and it seems as though you took on one that's huge, but very rewarding. Good luck with it and congrats on your engagement! You look like a wildly happy couple.

    Warm Regards,