Monday, March 28, 2005


FishNow here's a first for me, loads of fish in the water beside Lady Jane. I scambled for the camera, but in the event the fish stayed for ages, apparently basking in the warm, shallow, water as the tide started to run out. I'm told they are probably mullet.

I've seen the odd fish around Lady Jane before, but nothing like this. Apparently there are quite a few types of good eating fish for the taking in Fareham creek, and it's not unusual to see folks fishing on the opposite bank.

Now where's that fishing rod? A little while ago I bought a fishing rod, reel and all the trimmings, but have not had the time to put it all together. I'm hoping we can haul them out like we did in Florida.

Barbequed fresh fish on board Lady Jane on a warm evening, accompanied by friends and a good quality wine sounds pretty much idyllic to me.

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