Thursday, March 10, 2005

Clearing the fish hold

So far it's rare to have a project complete, from end to end. The clearing of the debris inside the fish hold is just such a project though.

When I first bought Lady Jane there was a substantial amount of debris, mostly comprised of broken concrete and wood, left inside the fish hold. The photo montage shows the story of the project to empty the hold.

Clearing the fish hold

Dave and I cleared the debris onto the deck one Sunday, from there I bagged and lifted the debris onto the wharf side, then dragged them round to a skip (I think you guys call them dumpsters in the US), Robin then dropped the bags into the skip with the crane.

The last picture you see in the montage is the skip disappearing into the night. It will be picked up and dumped in a landfill site somewhere, never to be seen again.

Oh the satisfaction of a completed project.

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  1. By the way, the crane will not reach around to Lady Jane, and it was more practical to move the rubble to within reach of the crane than to move Lady Jane.