Monday, March 14, 2005

Another success

Wind generator runningThere it is, finally.

The picture you see is the wind powered generator installed on top of Lady Jane's mast and, I'm pleased to say, it's working perfectly.

Both Robin and I were grinning like a pair of schoolboys, scampering between the battery bank to watch the volt meter and the deck to watch the generator blades spinning. It's hard to beat that intense feeling of satisfaction, the result of completing what proved to be quite a challenging project.

The wind generator project originally started over six months ago, in July/August last year, with research into the various wind powered generators available. The generator from Eclectic energy fitted the bill perfectly, though it was a brand new design so I had to wait a few months for delivery as they had not started manufacturing at that stage. A worthwhile wait as the generator has that solid, well engineered, feel to it.

The process of building the generator was pretty straightforward, as was completing all the wiring required. Buying the extra bits and pieces proved a little frustrating and there was some confusion over the 24 volt ammeter at one point.

The cutting and welding ended up taking far longer than originally anticipated, simply on account of the weather and Robin's availability on the days I was to work on the boat. Although a little frustrating, nothing could be done about it. As it was, the final lifting and fitting was done by Robin in a bitter cold wind.

The manufacturers recommend that in five years time the generator's bearing seals should be replaced, and that I can expect it to run for at least ten years. A good thing really, as it is fitted into that pipe at the top pretty solidly and will be a job to get back out.

The photo montage tells the story. The middle picture is the battery bank, after all - keeping the batteries charged is the whole reason for the wind powered generator.

Wind generator story

This project could not have been achieved without Robin's help, thanks Robin.

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