Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Wind generator assembly

I like it so much when things work out easier than I expect.

The assembly of the generator proved to be pretty straightforward. The picture shows me holding the completed product, to My new wind generatorgive you some idea of it's size. The reason for the funny look on my face is that at 15kg (33lbs), and an unwieldy shape, it's not really possible to hold a pose for the camera for too long without pulling faces.

The inset shows all the bits for the generator I received yesterday, though a lot of the pieces are for the fuses and for the regulator which is the black box you can see. The regulator 'dumps' any excess power generated once the batteries are charged to the green resistors, visible next to the regulator, to prevent damaging the batteries by overcharging them.

Now I have a good idea of how it will all physically go together, I'll need to go and buy some bits of wire, an ammeter, a voltmeter, a wire crimping tool and crimps, a soldering iron and some solder so I can put it all together on Lady Jane, oh and I need a pole for the generator itself to sit on. I already have some good wire on board for the cable run from the generator to the battery and some plywood to mount it all neatly.

Mounting the generator at the top of Lady Jane's mast will need careful planning, to ensure everything possible is done to prevent damaging anything or, more importantly, hurting anyone. I suspect this will be the most complex step and certainly the most daunting.

I'm really looking forward to the luxury of having a fridge and freezer running continuously on Lady Jane.

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  1. Interested to hear how things finally went with the turbine etc.

    In process of considering a change to barge life in France, from Scotland/Ireland ....

    And have some good friends and colleagues in the energy renewal turbine business, so very interested in how you found self sufficiency!

    David H