Monday, February 28, 2005

The truck

When I bought my truck I had no idea I was going to own a boat.

The main reason I bought the truck was simply to accomodate my lifestyle. For example; Having a truck is perfect for carting loads of wet diving gear about the countryside or having the ability to simply jetwash the mess made by muddy mountain bikes from the back, while the cab remains clean and dry is such a pleasure.

Since buying Lady Jane the truck has been invaluable. There is no way any of my previous vehicles, including a Subaru Impreza and a Jaguar XJ12, would be as suited to the task of fetching and carrying the sorts of loads which have been so common lately.

Truck and the rib on it's trailerThe biggest kick I get out of the truck is when we are towing the rib with our shiny new towbar. It is a very cool feeling cruising through the streets with a rib in tow right there behind us. I'm sure nobody really cares, but it's nice to think of people staring at this big tough rib being hauled behind a big tough truck, wondering where we are going or what we are going to do.

Now I just need to get the hang of parking the truck and trailer, especially that reversing at night thing.


  1. Ok, so I've been told a blog about the truck is a cop out. The truth is it's been cold and miserable, hardly the weather to enjoy being on the boat, so I took the weekned off. This 'outrageous' blog is the result.

  2. Karen2:37 PM

    I just can't wait for the 'rigging blog'

  3. Very soon Karen, very soon.