Thursday, February 10, 2005

Some days....

Some days, things seem to take so such effort just to achieve even a tiny bit.

St JudeLady Jane was originally named Judith - after St Jude, the patron saint of lost or impossible causes, a statue of whom I have on board. Appropriate really!

Incidentally, I'm told Lady Jane would not be welcome in Belgium if the St Jude statue is not still on board.

I knew things were not going to go so well virtually immediately I got on board Lady Jane. I regularly check the charge of the battery bank using a multi meter, a testing meter which shows how much voltage the battery has, it showed no charge. Not good!

I suspected the meter was faulty as the power has been turned off, and there is nothing I know of to cause any discharge. To test the meter, I opened up a torch to get the batteries out and broke that! At that point I should have just packed up and gone home. In the event it was the multi meter that was defective.

The objective for the day was to setup everything necessary for installing the wind turbine on the top of Lady Jane's mast. We did not even get close. The majority of the day was spent tracking down a piece of scaffolding pipe which the wind generator will slot into once the pipe has been welded to the top of the mast.

To be fair though, I now have all the extra bits and pieces I need, such as an ammeter and volt meter, from a company called Furneaux Riddall & Co Ltd. Their exceptional service deserves a special mention here, especially after the poor experience I had with one particular electrical distributor while trying to get the same stuff the previous day.

Thanks for all the help Robin, hopefully next time round we'll get a result.

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