Thursday, February 17, 2005

A new gadget

I didn't mean to but...I bought another radio.

My new radioYup, I really did. I went into Fareham with no intention of getting anything other than a pastie, and maybe a sausage roll or two, when there, in the window of an electrical goods shop were a line of those new fangled digital radios, calling out to me for attention.

I know I have an engagement ring to buy, and a whole load of tools and boat bits, but I'm justifying the radio by thinking sometimes it's too quiet working alone on board, and I will have free wind power to run the thing. It can also play music from an mp3 player for when we are far out to sea, beyond normal radio reception range.

It's a Sony XDR-S1, complete with remote control, and does sound good. I kept the receipt this time, just in case.

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