Friday, February 04, 2005

The last footing

The weather, although a bit cold, has been pretty good recently, so I have been working on cleaning up the last of the footings on deck. This project has had a high priority, simply because water has been collecting in these spaces, causing corrosion through the underlying deck and then holes into the hold below.

The picture shows the last of the footings to be cut out, before any work has been started. You cannot see it, but the first job was to weld a new plate into the Last footingfoooting itself, because the underlying plating had rusted away almost completely. The footing is now cut and ground back to deck level, awaiting rust proofing and priming.

You can see the remnants of the large footing I've been working on in the background, partially filled with water. This, along with the one in the picture and it's twin, will soon be painted then concreted in, ending this particular problem for once and for all.

The next deck project will be the start of rubbing down and painting of the boat. I'm thinking of doing a 'top down' approach, starting with the top of the wheelhouse and working down to deck level. Then starting with the top of the mast and working down the forepeak to deck. I'll then start on the outside of the hull and then, finally, do the inside of the hull, including the fish hold.

I'm thinking that if I use a 'good enough' approach, the job will go faster and the returns in terms of time to completion and the overall look will be far better than trying to aim for perfection at every step. The objective here being to stop the rust and have Lady Jane looking good sooner, rather than later.


  1. I like this blog. Can you post a bunch of layout and plan pictures of LJ? This will help us envision what you write about and how things fit together. I am not sure if you can climb up the mast and take some, or tie your camera to a balloon (or something), but more pics would be appreciated.

  2. Cayuga, I'm not aware of any actual plans, or drawings for Lady Jane, although there may be some tucked away in archives somewhere in Belgium.

    I did a blog entry back in December with lines and text superimposed over a picture of Lady Jane, taken when she had been taken out of the water. This is a fairly accurate representation of the internal layout of Lady Jane.

    In January I posed an entry which included the view of Lady Jane from the top of the mast, which is maybe what you were after.

  3. I appreciate the difficulty of envisaging how everything fits together sometimes and I will, of course, post more pictures to help with this as the story unfolds.

    You can also click on any of my pictures to see the larger sizes, which are stored on Flickr.