Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The fish hold

While Kate and Dawn slaved away cleaning the galley and crew quarters, Dave, who is Dawn's husband, and I got stuck into clearing debris out of what was the fish hold.

The fish holdHere you see Dave prising some of the remaining wooden planks from the inside of the hold. This huge space will probably be converted into cabins, each with an en-suite shower and toilet.

Dave had always said he did not mind hard work, and was keen to help - little did he know how hard it would be! Still, he said they both enjoyed themselves and would happily come back and do some more. I'm always surprised, and touched, that people like Dave and Dawn are so willing to get stuck in and help.

While there is still more to do, the back of the job is broken. I could never have done what we did by myself.

And no, the hold does not stink of fish any more.

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