Thursday, February 24, 2005

Another project

Rubble on deck
I now have a deck strewn with rubble, lifted from the fish hold. It is estimated that I have about 3 tonnes worth of the stuff right there. The next deck project will be to get rid of it.

The rubble is the remnants of the insulation and concrete lining of the fish hold. The wood, fastened to steel 'ribs' within the hold, appears to be what was used to hold the whole lot in place.

My sympathy goes to the previous owners who started the clearing out of the fish hold, as I now appreciate just how hard they worked on getting as far as they did with this particular task. When I first bought the boat I had a few tonnes of rubble left on deck, and have seen photographs of piles of wood they had taken from the hold.

It constantly amazes me how one project leads to another, and so on. In this case, I need to lift to the rubble onto the wharf, and from there into a skip. To do this I need to rig the lifting boom properly, something I've needed to do for some time now.

Yup Karen, you knew it was going to happen, I finally got around to blogging about rigging!


  1. Karen2:29 PM

    mmmmmmmmmm Rigging - deap joy!!!! Can't wait Tim!!!