Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Alternative work

Progress on the wind generator project was very limited, as the weather on the weekend was pretty wild with wind, sleet, hail, and snow, interspersed with brief periods of sunshine.

Big strides were made on the installation of the alternator though. After cutting and welding channel section we could crank the alternator into the engine room and, after a last minute hitch with an unexpected protrusion interfering with the fitting, we could lever the alternator into it's final position.

Alternator installationAll that needs doing now is to fit the correct size pulley and drive belts and the donkey engine will be able to produce ample mains electricity for the boat's needs.

The picture shows the black alternator nestled in it's new home, and my venerable, old 24 horsepower Lister donkey engine to the left of it. I know - it needs some work. The green pipe and grey box is the spare bilge pump, which works off of the donkey engine. The whole lot is installed on the port side of the engine room.

With the ability to produce electricity using the donkey engine I will need to install a mains fuse box and install wiring through to plug sockets conveniently located where I will need them throughout the boat.

It's my intention to install a switch so I can select my mains source from any one of the alternator, my small generator, the inverter (the device to convert battery power to mains power) or shore power, giving me flexibility to choose the best power source depending on the circumstances.


  1. Anonymous4:13 AM

    Gosh Tim, you're having all the fun. Looks like you had your hands full. Fred

  2. (a) Working on your boat less than one week after your propose is just wrong and

    (b) And as for "rain, snow, sleet". Do you know what a honeymoon tan is? It is a 1 inch tan a man gets on honeymoon - every morning he gets out of bed, pulls the curtains apart 1 inch, looks out and says to his wife: "nope, still raining".

  3. Just for the record Cayuga, the alternator work was done on the weekend, before I proposed.

    I like the 1 inch tan plan.

  4. Anonymous9:48 AM

    Congratulations Tim and Kate!
    All the best for the future, the Boats looks like its coming along nicely.

    Its great to hear about the proposal.

    lots of love from s.m.nolan
    and the rest of the gang.