Thursday, January 27, 2005

Working on deck

Oxyacetylene cutting is great fun, sorry Kate but it had to be said. It's a very satisfying feeling cutting through steel with an oxyacetylene torch, as effortless as a hot knife through butter when you do it right.

I just wish someone was around when I was cutting, as I think the sparks flying from the metal being cut is an impressive sight and would have made an excellent picture. Plenty of photo opportunities in the future though, I'm sure.

The temperatures involved are phenomenal, the steel is heated up to about 6000 degrees in the place it is to be cut, then a flow of pure oxygen is introduced. The steel in the oxygen flow literally burns away because of the temperature and the additional oxygen supply, which is how the actual cutting is performed.

Another day out the office
Another day out of the office

The picture shows the remains of the footing I've been working on just before I painted on a coat of Rustroy, a sort of rust proofing and primer. All it needs now is a lick of paint to seal the primer and then I'll fill the whole thing with concrete, flush with the rest of the deck.

The sheer diversity of stuff I'm learning is one of the things I'm finding I really enjoy about the whole Lady Jane experience. For example I've never mixed or laid concrete, which will be my next learning experience.

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